Friday, April 04, 2008

Talent Galore

Here are some sights about the studios that I thought I would share with you.
Look at this crazy chicken picture someone put up on the board.
This is another first for me. Do you know what these blue things are? I have fondly named them
shower caps for tables. They are a hoot and really easy to put on and take off. What will they think of next?
This piece mounted on canvas (I think) is string and wrapped metal. I have no idea who did it but I don't think it was done while I have been here or I would have seen it being made.
This piece is sheer fabrics with some burning done and hand stitched together.
One of the 'hookers' made this gradation of dye on wool and modeled it for me.
This piece (again I don't know who's it is) is probably silk and has roving felted lightly on it
in circles. How cool is that? This piece of cotton appears to be dyed first and then screened. Maybe my most favorite piece is this piece of gorgeousness. The process is done with flour and I have no clue as to how it was done; only that I love it. More later.


dee said...

I'm straining my feeble brain to remember where I saw the floour paste resist technique a few days ago. On some blog but I just can't remember. It sounds fascinating and appealed tome because I have such a small space to work in. I couldn't possibly do regular printing with dyes and such. Since it's always about the food for's the chef working out??

Anonymous said...

We want to see some of YOUR work Tommy. An admirer

Patsy Thompson said...

Those shower caps for tables look great and I have never seen them before. Do you have any idea where they come from?