Saturday, April 05, 2008

What's Up?

There was a bit of changing of the guard yesterday. G had plans to go up north for the White Sox opener and so I was cutting my retreat time short to tend to Miss Bella. Well, as it happens I met him halfway (Tampa) and with doggie bag and dog
we did a handoff in a truck stop. Now Bella is with me for the next three days. She is diggin' the artsy fartsy life.
These girls are very serious about their cocktail time. Even exercising (dancing) was structured around 5 p.m. happy hour.
Here is my vantage point as I slave away in my little corner of the studio.
Some clever person made a pirate out of a partial coconut shell, a bottle cap and some rope for an earring. The bandana is, of course, a garbage bag part.
Even the blood was added with red paint for a rather graphic visual effect.
Not only is there dancing but there is yoga, which I caught at the very last minute. The pregnant instructor also does massages and she is kept quite busy. Today there is a wedding so I am hoping to catch some of the action.

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Anonymous said...

That is one heck of a large retreat! I mean the crowd. Are you sure those women wouldn't mind you posting their pics? Some aren't in the most photogenic pose you know!

That retreat must be heaven. I'd love something like that for garment construction.