Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let Me Sleep On It

Who would think that flossing your teeth could cause a bruise on your face? If I was on Law and Order they wouldn't fall for that, would they? And showing this much of my facial flaws is iffy but to show this bruise I had to show this much of my mug; anything less and the auto on the camera wouldn't go on. Pardon the nose hairs.
But the fact is that I used this floss that G bought and kinda liked because it tastes like the stuff the dental hygienist's use to clean your teeth

but I am here to tell you, it's crap. I used it for the second time (misplacing my floss) and it was another disaster. Check out the floss. It is falling apart before you even use it. It got caught in between two of my teeth and I needed my floss, a toothpick and then a long straight pin before

I could dislodge the shredded floss. This is my favorite floss. I asked G why he still uses the junky stuff and he said it's because he doesn't want to waste it; he is using it until it's gone. Go figure. I am disfigured and he is trying to save a buck? What's with that?

Shockingly, while watching 'Samantha Who' I noticed a commercial that was an AT & T promo and the singing mom and dad looked like Meatloaf and Tiffany and I googled it and sure enough, IT WAS THEM!!!! Meat has lost weight!!! And Tiffany has gained weight. All you have to do is Google AT&T Meatloaf commercial and see it all. I tried to put the link up on this blog but failed miserably for several tries and I am done trying. I gotta do other stuff. See you later.


Anonymous said...

Tell G that you NEED that floss to do some shibori dyeing and take it away from him.
(I know you don't like shibori!)
Then put it somewhere where you can never find it.KS

dee said...

That Reach stuff is crap.Same thing happened to Roger. It frayed and hurt his gums so no matter the cost it went into the trash. Sorry for your oral-related injuries(heh). I saw that commercial this weekend and had a laugh. I didn't catch it till the second viewing. Meatloaf cleaned up...who knew???

Cindra said...

Who plays the son who looks just like Meatloaf?