Friday, May 02, 2008

Back In (On?) The Saddle

We arrived home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. First on the agenda was to call Comcast and get a tech here for my computer that has been down since I don't know when. As far fetched as this may sound, they actually came three hours later. I was flabbergasted!!! It's a first for me. They fixed the problem and I was communicating. At least in one way; the worker guys had to disconnect the phone in order to put in a new cooktop for me and unfortunately it was the mother phone; you know, you get one that uses a jack and the other phones are parasites off the mom? The phone had been off the electricity for quite some time so we are charging and I am sure it is working by this morning. When you leave home for an extended time, this stuff is always bound to happen.

The first job I am going to tackle is to get my newly enlarged studio put together.

These bags contain all the fabric that we took off my shelves before the construction started and now it is my job to put them back where they belong. The new shelves are deeper and now have sliding doors in front of the fabric
that I can close to protect the fabric. This is a great idea in principle but time will tell if they will be a pain in the butt. Maybe they just seem awkward now because I am just getting used to them.
I have so much of this light fading where the fabric is folded. It's not just on the outside layer. The fading goes all the way through all layers. For that, the doors will surely help. I have lots to do but this is the fun stuff!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you will be showcasing the new studio and showing us before and after pictures as well. How is Bella?