Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

I spent 4 hours getting to Janesville ,3 1/2 at the fix it shop, and 4 hours to get home (that's with a stop off at the store and library). All in all, I spent Tuesday of this week in a trance. Food is the only thing that kept me sane. You know, carrot sticks, yogurt, with maybe a french fry or two thrown in for good measure. The machine is all fixed although the guttural sounds that it made that caused the trip were suspiciously absent the minute I walked in the repair shop. Just like a doctor; make an appointment for some ailment and on the way to the doctor's office, all symptoms vanish. It's the same with the machine.

Last weeks People magazine had Cynthia Nixon and her new mate. Easy on the eyes? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

And this is a girl. Whoa!

Regina went to France for a couple weeks a couple weeks ago. She asked me what I wanted from France and first I told her I wanted a Frenchman but then she aptly mentioned that you have to now pay for non carry on luggage so, I decided to settle for fabric.

These two pieces of cotton were presented to me and I was thrilled. One was picked out by her husband and one by her. She made me guess what was what and I picked wrong. The two tone seemed myor what a guy would pick but I was wrong. She's still mad. Just kiddin'.

I am totally in cooking phase. I have made many casseroles and chili to freeze and now I am on the appetizer phase. I like to have a freezer full of whatever if I need speedy food. I have decided to make mini's as a theme. I have already made my mini reubens and now I am making mini burgers. I used store bought frozen Rhodes dinner rolls and cut them in half before letting them rise and rolling them in a ball.
They are as cute as can be. I am gonna do the same with hot dog buns. I just need to make them long and thin (and little) and then use those little mini dogs or sausages. I just looked at this picture and these buns look like
they could easily be regular sized. Here is one with a quarter next to it so you can see that they are indeed bite sized. How fun is that?


Anonymous said...

OMG! You exhaust me...Janesville and now "cooking"!!!

What is that VITAMIN that you take daily????


Irene said...

She looks like someone else in that picture and it's driving me nuts who it is!