Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fabric Folding

My new studio is completely done. It's what I have to do to it that isn't finished. I have spent a very long time
refolding my fabric. Prior to the new shelving, I was using an already made library for my fabric. It's depth was only 11 inch shelving so when I moved in I had to fold my fabric from in half to thirds.
With my new 13 1/2" shelves (before the doors close) I can fold the fabric in half so that is exactly what I did.
I can get twice as much in a pile due to it's lack of bulk. Lots of my pieces are three yards so I needed the new fold, plus it is very therapeutic to fold.
I have other things to put in the top shelves but I don't have a ladder right now so I will need to finish that later. Things are coming along very nicely.
Here's a Bella post. She has a bit of a mustache problem. Was she in my 'product' maybe?


dee said...

That's better. I've missed seeing that sweet little girl. I can't comment on your new fabric space since it makes me convulse into sobbing, uncharacteristic whining and gnashing of teeth. I have finally outgrown the Closet of Shame. What I really need is a room of my own. As soon as I pull off that bank heist I'll be all set.

Anonymous said...

The question now is - which is your favorite studo? They have all been gorgeous to me! Love seeing all that color stacked so carefully! Inspires me to change my fabric storage to open shelving and eliminate the "bins" completely, but I'm afraid my stash would look pretty puny once I got it all folded and shelved.

Karen said...

Wow, it looks wonderful...and look at all that extra room for more stash.

Anonymous said...

Gomez and Mortisha, Donald and Ivanna,