Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fashion Frenzy

Micky, Genie and I went to a fashion show yesterday. We mainly went for the food and booze but we checked out some fashion while consuming.
Genie wouldn't get into the picture so she took one of Micky and I posing with various accessories with the guys that do our hair. The guy next to me is the one that took off all my hair. He promised that if my hair didn't grow out sufficiently for Maggie's wedding that he would shave his head. Wait; come on now. I got took. He already shaves his head!!!!
We tried to try on clothes like Demi Moore did in Indecent Proposals with the hanger over our necks but we realized that you need a low cut dress that's also flimsy to make it work. I just about choked myself. It looked so much easier on tv!!!

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