Friday, May 16, 2008

I Got You Babe

Just next door, (a half mile away!) from the Mirage is Caesars Palace. We spied this advertisement of the new
show in the Colosseum, which happened to be built for Celine a few years ago. Can you imagine having an
auditorium built just so you would have the proper place to preform? Well, here it is in all it's glory. Outside the
inside entrance to the auditorium in the round are glass enclosures that house some of the more famous Cher
garments. They are a tad racy for me but they are exquisite in their detail and workmanship. As a matter of
fact, my see through beaded thong slacks are very similar to this pair on the model. Hum,,,,,, maybe I will wear them out tonight. I will have to check the weather before the final decision is made.
Check out the red headdress. I wouldn't want to go two inches in that thing. Oh, and next to it is one of Cher's Oscar ensembles. I can't swear to this but I still think all her outfits are still made by Mackie. I remember Maggie (who is visiting for the weekend) had a Bob Mackie barbie she got from her godfather when she was a little girl.
This style of having your hips totally exposed is a different look. Cher must like it because she had a similarly constructed pair of dungarees on midway through her performance. Yeah, Micky and I went to the Cher concert.
Oh, here is the Oscar outfit, a little closer up. Every girls dream, right? The concert was fabulous. We were about eight rows from the front and could see everything!!!! We got our tickets online from StubHub after we went to the concierge in the Mirage and was told that it looked like the tickets weren't available. We decided the guy wanted a hefty tip so went and got them ourselves. Cher opened less than a week before and rumor has it that Oprah was there for the opening. I was talking to my gal pal Regina and after listening to my description of the show, she said that it was suspiciously like the Farewell Tour of 2002. Anyway, it was very visual and great and Cher had 17 costume changes. If I had any criticism it would be that she didn't move much. I realize she is 62, but she is a very fit and cared for 62 so I think she could have done a bit more movement, as she has done in the past. There's only one show a day and it's about 90 minutes long. No camera's were allowed and I mean NO Camera's. They actually took mine (and a million others) and returned it after the show. Cher is sharing the spotlight with Bette Middler and Elton John; all taking turns preforming. If I had only one choice of who to see, I would choose Bette. I have always been a bigger Bette fan than a Cher fan but I am very glad I got a chance to see her. My Maggie and her girlfriend are going to see the show next week. It's all in the family!!!


Cindra said...

Bob Mackie must have been a very good boy in a former life, because he has lived his dream this life doing nothing but designing for Cher.

I saw Bette years ago in Vegas and she was FABULOUS! I remember seeing her in the lobby and being amazed at how tiny she was.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Tina Turner was at the opening with Oprah and performed with Cher. Now there is a woman who can still move!

dee said...

I saw Bette years ago in NYC when she was still somewhat unknown(Gahd I'm ancient)and the show was fabulous and very funny. I remember seeing that Oscar gown on TV and, ad to say I watched every episode of the Sonny & Cher show a thousand years ago in the dark ages. That was a fun show. It was on around the time my all-time fav "McMillan & Wife" with Rock and Susan St. James-I have to go lay down now- snack time at the home is over and I'm nearly in a coma. Getting old, as Cher said on Oprah, Sucks.

Cindra said...

Dee you are so funny! Have a nice nap!