Thursday, May 29, 2008

In The Good Old Summertime

I actually went to play bridge with a local group that needed a live body last night. I was going to study a little before attending and then thought better of it. I think it would just have confused me. As it turns out I did fine. I felt completely at ease and although I wasn't a star, I held my own. My only complaint was that it was pretty long. I left home for the two minute drive before five and returned at almost ten. That's a tad too much thinking for this ole brain.

I did a little prep work for some more appetizers that I am making while I watched this weeks installment of

'Top Chef'. Thank goodness this show is still on (last night they went down to the final 4 and are leaving Chicago for Puerto Rico). I think all this cooking I am doing has to do with my tv shows all finishing for the season and I am having withdrawals. I did see that 'The Next Food Network Star' is starting up and that brings a smile to my face. I can't survive on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and The Bachelorette. By the way, the Top Chef Cookbook is great for recipes and for just a fun read. It tells a lot of the behind the scenes tid bits from season one through season three.

These are what the little burgers look like. They are just ground chuck, onion soup mix, cheddar and a touch of mayo.
They are then wrapped up in foil and frozen until ready to eat and then reheated. This is a very old recipe. I also made these individual fritatta's and froze them. I have four weekend guests and these will make everyone
happy because they are made of egg beaters and have Canadian bacon in them. Even my Weight Watchers can indulge.

Tonight is the welcome back party for all the part time people. I guess that I am included in this group even though I live in Indiana as my main residence and lots of my friends are only summer or long weekend people. It's always great to see old friends again. Around here it is (at least for the gals), the start of summer. Yeah!!!!!

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Sheila in Ohio said...

Surely you'll watch The Mole, no? It hasn't been on for years.