Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Just A Mirage

We are back from Vegas. The whole Mirage, where we stayed, was to have been wireless. No, it was not. We were charged 14 bucks for a 24 hour period only to find out that it didn't have the juice to work. And the wireless only was to have worked in the rooms. No where else in the hotel could you get service. The closest place was a tram ride away at a Starbucks. The Las Vegas airport had free wireless but for some reason it wouldn't download pictures so this is the first opportunity I had to post. It makes me crazy.

First up is a view of our digs. This room (suite) was amazing. It was cheaper than two regular rooms.

Here is the master bath, which Micky and I shared. Besides this main room of the bath that had two sinks, a whirlpool and a big, wonderful shower, there was a toilet/bidet room and two dressing rooms.
Here is the living room, dining room and bar room. There you can see newly 21 years old Sean in the background.
This is the master bedroom. The tv comes up out of the chest at the end of the bed. There I am in the mirror
and here I am in the mirror of the foyer. Lots of mirrors make the rooms appear to be twice as big which wasn't necessary because they were big to begin with.
This is another bedroom with it's own bath; not as big as ours but still bigger than a normal hotel room. There you see Jordan checking out the local tv channels.
Here's a view of the main room from the other side. There is Micky on the phone in the back of the picture.
Look at the word THE on top of the word Beatles and if you zoom on the 'H" you will see exactly where our room was. Pretty neat, eh? More later.


Cindra said...

Wow! YOu got that close to the Beatles? No wonder the digs were so glamorous!

dee said...

Glad you're haaving fun. Looks like a palace.
Missed you! A day without Tommy is a day without a hoot!

Irene said...

Sure doesn't look like the room we stayed in at The Mirage last November - they must have known Tommy was coming!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the is close to everything (the mall) and fun stuff, it has a California Pizza Kitchen in it and it has Danny Gans - have you seen him? And, now The Beatles...what more could a girl want! OH, and I think one of the best pools.