Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

With Maggie and fiance Evan visiting for the weekend, we had lots to do. First off, we went to a wine tasting; that is after a day of watching Bridezilla.

I am not fond of wine tasting; they give you such a little pour that it hardly seems worth it. And spitting out? Okay, I saw 'Sideways'; I know the drill but why waste perfectly good wine? Now, if we were at a wine tasting that featured Michigan wines; that's cause to spit out. Actually, we managed to buy a couple bottles of last years models that, although perfectly good, were no longer on the menu at the wine tasting establishment.

Along with a wedding coordinator and the florist, we spent Sunday on wedding logistics. It is mind boggling; all that you have to take into consideration. I was very pleased with all that we accomplished.
The reason for the Vegas trip - a college graduate and a dapper just 21 year old wanted to go - and I bummed a ride along with them. The college grad, Jordan got an IU (Indiana University) queen sized quilt from me, just days before the trip. He's the apple of my eye.


Anonymous said...

Wow, lovely quilt! You were making this all the while not mentioning a word of it on your blog?!?
Lucky boy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you feel that way about Michigan wines. Many have entered prestigious wine judgings - including the Indy International - and won medals. You really should give them another try.