Thursday, May 08, 2008

Olga's Here For A Visit

The weekend appears to have already started here. We had our first bout of company with the arrival of Claudia and Bill and their baby girl Bea (who has been renamed Olga, due to her closeness to the floor and her rather barrel shaped body).
After we got back from dinner, while Claud and I were watching the numskull Jason get kicked off of Idol, the two little girls (supermodel and gymnast wannabe) took up their places on top of the sewing table. Bella could hardly keep her eyes opened while Olga was as chipper as can be.

I made a big mistake yesterday and after arriving at the grooming place with a very long haired Bella, was told I was to have been there the day before. At least I got a reprieve and get to take her in for a haircut today. Due to the fact that I have a doctors appointment in a far away place today, I am leaving Claudia and Olga home by themselves until they are later joined by my sister Mike who is joining us for a long weekend. Brother Bill has already left to join brothers John and Dan in Minnesota for the opening of the walleye season. That should be a hoot considering the ice just started to melt yesterday!

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Cindra said...

It is about time Jason was kicked off.