Saturday, May 10, 2008


This is pathetic. I felt guilty all day yesterday because I didn't blog. I got up and with my two sis's here, I got carried away with gab and missed the normal blog window. I could have done it at any time but didn't and it was unsettling. How wierd is that?

We have been busy having lots of fun working on double secret stuff for the "WEDDING" so I can't show you; at least right now I can't show you. Speaking of Maggie stuff, she is in seventh heaven this weekend because Dolly Parton is in town and she is going to see her, TWICE! Now that's a fan. She is going once with fiance' Evan and another time with girlfriends. We will miss her this weekend but I will gladly give her up for Dolly; she has no children of her own so I can share.

Claudia has a very good friend named Mary who happens to be first cousins with these girls. They are Mary's Uncle Bill's girls.
These gals are all sisters out of ten kids and have a couple brothers that didn't make it in the picture; that may have been due to the content of the advertisement.
Here is the complete ad. It's a bra ad for Walmart. It was in my favorite mag, People.

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