Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sweat Shop

I came back from having my toes done to a house full of women yesterday afternoon. Counting the dogs and me along with my part time housekeeper Rima, that keeps quitting and still comes back all the time, the estrogen count was eight.
When G came in to see us and saw that two of us had to turn our heads to see the tv, he would have none of that and proceeded to rearrange the studio to a more appealing and conducive to tv watching format. Just like a guy to worry about tv viewing angles. Thankfully he left soon after that. (This is an early morning shot of the room. My guests are still snoozing.)
Chai is one of the visitors and at six months she looks suspiciously like an Ewok. The breeder saved a couple bucks and groomed Miss C himself, causing a little havoc with her tresses.
Peggy and Chai had an instant bond. Are they not the picture of contentment? We watched Juno (just okay) and have other movies to inhale this weekend. There are more than a couple Sex and The City parties this weekend. Cosmos and a trip to the theatre, along with the Sex and The City trivia game are just the beginning of the activities. I took a pass.


dee said...

Illustrating the level of devotion and adoration my son has for Danielle-he went to see SITC yesterday with her. He said the guy taking tickets comiserated with him. When he got home we asked him if he needed a testosterone shot and how many guys were in the theatre-James said the place was packed with parties of people. Gay parties and girl parties and a couple of poor lovelorn slobs like him-(his words). As James said-"There was a high manpri factor Mom" Got my hair done last week and the whole place(about 20 women)were making a SITC weekend out of it. I'll wait till things calm down a bit.

meggie said...

Here from Christine Thresh's. I am such a sucker for dogs- any shape or size. I just adore that little fuzzy darling!!
I wish I was away on some quilting retreat or weekend!