Saturday, May 17, 2008

Todays Special - Bellagio

Micky and I took her boys around to see some of our favorite things in Sin City. The ceiling

at the entry at the Bellagio is right up there with my top ten. The hand blown glass flowers are so much better looking in real life than in this photo that I do not do it justice. Steps away from this sight is the bar where I was playing video poker with my Maggie (21st birthday) while G checked in and I made three grand. That luck has definitely changed!!!
This view is of the space behind check in. It has no function what so ever except to have people say, 'oh, isn't that beautiful'. It's gotta be 20 or more feet deep. Here (up north) they would sell it off and put a strip mall in it's place.
These flower groupings are all over the place; fresh roses and this drippy mossy stuff that I love. We were heading over to another casino when the dancing waters show in front of the Bellagio started. Have you ever seen it? This time the water was dancing to the Titanic Theme (Celine). You just can't take your eyes away from this spectacle once it starts.
I was talking to a gal next to me and she was telling me that at Christmas time they do all theme tunes and the
lights are red and green. There wasn't one person who walked away from the 'show' once it started.
This theme of decorating with hot air balloons is new to me. I can't remember what was in it's place before but I know it wasn't balloons. You can see these gaily colored dirigibles all over the place in Bellagio. Did you happen to notice the first five letters in the casino's spelling? Veddy Interesting.

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Cindra said...

The glass in the entry is Chihuly isn't it? His piece in the Children's Museum in Indy is gorgeous!