Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Big Hearts

I'm late blogging this morning because we had to get up and out to partake in the yearly 5k run/walk.

It is for 2BigHearts, a local group that you can read about by going on line. Two sisters in their forties died within hours of each other after being struck down with heart attacks, and early detection would have saved their lives. This group, started by one the sisters' husband, raises money to sponsor free screening for women's heart disease. It was a beautiful day but it wasn't supposed to be so I left the house with a long sleeved shirt, the walk/run shirt over it and a sweatshirt. I had to ditch the outer shirt and the sweatshirt due to much better weather than was predicted.
They start the run/walk by letting go of hundreds of balloons. Even Miss Bella did the walk. I was shocked at how well she did. By the time we left the house, did the walk, and returned, she had done 4 miles, with only a couple of stops to do her business. What a gal!
Here's my cohorts at the finish line. Oh, and yeah, I got a hair cut. A big haircut!!!

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