Friday, May 30, 2008


I was talking to this guy at the gym yesterday who said two things that I can't get out of my brain. One is that he was considering starting a blog and that a irreverent stray and very long hair that is growing on his upper arm would be the basis of his first entry. That's definitely a grabber, don't ya think? The second and far worse because it is personal is that he said my new BUTCH (my words, not his) hair cut suits me. I hate that guy.

Back to the kitchen. I bought way too much stuff to make without some of it spoiling and still have a life around cooking. I decided to choose what needs to be made first and went from there. I made the mini beef wellingtons due to the cost of rotten beef tenderloin. I also made crabbies because of the cost of the crab meat. I had already thawed out the shredded hash browns so I made these baskets and plan on filling them today. I actually only have three more appetizers to make with all my purchased ingredients. I have company for the weekend coming at three. Can she do it? There's no way in hell. I am not gonna even try.

Last night was our welcome get together and as I was driving away at it's conclusion near dusk, I spied this truck in the parking lot. I had to do a double take and at first, didn't realize that it was a joke that someone planted. I jumped into the truck and realized that the boxes were empty. Laura, whom I was giving a ride home, took a picture of me with the boxes but the picture was a bit blurry, which I like to call Cosmo blurry. I, of course, had none of that.
Once again, I am looking for birds nests in my deck structure and sure enough, here is my newest. It joins many others, some of which I managed to nab at the peek of perfection and got some uncracked eggs in the
process. It's kinda like the rite of passage; from spring to summer, I get another bird nest.

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about the birds looking for their eggs? Perhaps you could take the nests after the eggs have hatched and the babies have matured?