Monday, May 05, 2008

Will Cooper

As per usual, the reason I couldn't download my pictures yesterday was because of moi. The picture of this
perfect man, Master Will Cooper, was wayyyyyy to big but it took me two days to figure it out. Look at this georgous little man. I had the pleasure of feeding and burping him on my birthday, which, by the way, was the highlight of my celebration. Have you ever laid eyes on anyone more beautiful than this 'wise and thoughtful' little being? I think not.
I made my very first yo-yo animal (was supposed to be a dog but I failed miserably in the attempt) for Will Cooper.


Anonymous said...

Whhhaattt a CUTIE! Look at that pose, must be a reincarnation of some old professor.
I have seen kids that cute or!

Your handy work looks charming, almost looks like Bella.

Anonymous said...

He IS adorable. Hope we can see future pictures to see how he develops. I'm a sucker for little boys - as a matter of fact, some of the big ones aren't too bad either!


dee said...

The sight of that sweet beautiful boy brings back such wonderful memories... Sigh....

Cindra said...

All my kids were blond blue eyed. It would have been nice to have a dark haired, dark eyed baby. What a cutie!

teri springer said...

He is beautiful. And obviously of superior intelligence.