Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alice In Wonderland

There has been a lot happening at the casa. I have had a bit of construction going on since the fall and it seems to be winding down. The hardest hit in all the work was the front garden. It was where all the construction traffic ensued and therefore took the brunt of the damage. And as silly as it sounds, it never occurred to me that it would be destroyed
but destroyed it was. But, not to worry. The repair has been going on for about three weeks. I am pretty much sick of looking out my window and seeing five guys looking in. (That was before blinds, which were installed yesterday; just in time for the work to be completed!)
Here is the transformation. It is truly a wonderland now. The plantings are almost bizarre which fits me to a tee.
The evergreens are the craziest I have ever seen; literally.
They have a life and form of their own.
I am going to get a finished drawing of the space so I know what the names of all of these cool plantings are. I have moved things around so much for visual acceptance that I no longer know what is what. All I know is
that I feel like Alice in Wonderland every time I go into the garden.
Each planting is playful and holds a touch of whimsy.
It's a lot of fun.


Cindra said...

they are so fun and full of personality! I love them, too!

Anonymous said...

Something good came out of the wrecked yard afterall.