Sunday, June 08, 2008

Art Glass

While taking turns and getting the cars washed, Micky and I hit a couple of stores, just browsing ya know, while the cars were getting a do. This adorable serving tray caught my eye and seeing as how it was 25% off, I decided that it had to me mine.

It measures in at about 18 x 6 and until I started to read this little catalog that came along with it, I would have never known that it was made with a process specific to the artist, Peggy Karr. It starts with hand cut glass and there are two of the same size cut. Dye powder is put on one of the glass pieces using a stencil to get the the design and then the other piece of glass is carefully laid on the top. It is then set on a mold and cooked at 1600° to give it it's shape and fuse the glass together. In other words, the design is locked into the middle of two pieces of glass. The stuff she makes are both food and dishwasher safe. Who knew art could be so functional?

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