Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Jack

I was just about to show you more nifty stuff in my kitchen that was affected by the 'facelift' but then had this haunting thought. This started out as a quilting blog and somewhere along the line I started not showing much of what I am doing. My design wall is filled with three new projects but I find that I can't just zero in on one project at the moment and see it through fruition. My schedule is incredibly busy considering that I don't have a job or even do my own housework. Wow! Did I even admit that?

Anyway, I have a completed quilt that I have recently presented to a newborn. Baby number three (in 13 months) was born this month and my great buddy Grammy Linda is over the top with excitement. I am living vicariously through her and enjoying the grand babies too. (It's practice for me for when I have to take the grandma reins.) Master Jack joins his big sister Morgan (13 months) and first cousin Master Will (born a couple months ago). So, in keeping with the job of stacker granny, I have given the
newest member of the family his first quilt (I think). It has some blocks in it that have back stitched sayings
on it (that were done while watching the finals of American Idol). Pip squeak, baby boy, pitter patter, sweet dreams, peek a boo and giggles are in some of the blocks. And in order not to have any cousin rivalry,
Master Jack Mac got the second yo yo dog that I have ever made. I am thinking that it may be the last one I make. It took longer than the quilt did!!!

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Cindra said...

They are both wonderful and the colors are so clean and beautiful. That is a keepsake!