Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brie Puffs

I am going to volunttarily take off a couple days blogging. I have so much on my platter (most of it self brought on) that I have to concentrate on my list of to do's and not even think of anything else. I am finished, as of last night, with my filling up of the go-to freezer and thought I would share one appetizer that freezes well and just has to be thawed out to serve.

These are Brie Puffs and they are very simple. You thaw out the Pepperidge Farm frozen puff pastry and without rolling or flour or anything you cut out 2" rounds (believe it or not, they shrink in the width measurement in the oven) and put them on a parchment lined sheet pan and bake at 350° for about 20 minutes. For four boxes of pastry sheets (that's the Tommy overkill) I use 16 oz of Brie. Trim the covering off the softened cheese and blend together with 4T. Madeira wine. When the puffs are cooled, cut off the tops and on the bottom place a half teaspoon of strawberry jam and on the top of that place a teaspoon of the blended brie. Put the two parts back together and freeze on a tray before bagging for freezer storage. You will love these, believe me.

G is reading the paper to me, (as usual) and he just gave me two items. Ed McMahon's house is in foreclosure. I told G he should have kept some of that Publisher's Clearing House money!!! Also, the paper said the magazines are bidding for the first pictures of the Jolie/Pitt twins and the price is up to $15 mil. They were paid $4.5 mil for Shiloh's pics. I'll give them all my kids pictures for $50.

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Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Do you reheat these frozen, or do you just let them thaw?