Friday, June 06, 2008

Carrie and Big

I can't help myself; I needed to blog. We (me and my gals) went to see Sex And The City, which up until the movie itself, I thought it was Sex In The City. I saw all the old shows and never noticed the name. How dumb is that? Anyway, the show was fantastic. I do, of course have my opinions. They are as follows:

Like all of us, four years is a lot and I can tell that Carrie has aged and Samantha has had a face lift. I hated the 'bird' on Carrie for the wedding. Icky. I loved her fashion show for the gals in the closet. It should have been much longer. Big is bigger than life. Couldn't you covet that closet in your bedroom? Miranda had true tears (maybe thinking of whom she has to go home to?)

I have not been to a theater to watch a movie in a long time. Maybe six or seven years ago. When I first got to the theater I couldn't believe how comfortable the seats were. They were like recliners without the recline. Amazing. That in itself dated me. Then the advertisements in the pre picture stuff was shocking. You have to see Coke and Verizon commercials before you watch the $6, $8 or $10 dollar movie? I was outraged; and then the loudness of the previews of other movies. I had my fingers in my ears. On a positive note, I got in at 7 pm for a $6 senior rate and they didn't card me. Another ick. There were 12 people in the show with us. And this movie hasn't even been out a week?

Oh, and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore a belt of black leather and silver studs through most of the movie. Did you notice? And was that Louie V purse that she gifted just about the ugliest?


suzietee said...

I love Sex and the City. My daughter and I went to see it the first night it was out. The theater was jammed with women (a couple of poor guys) all dolled up for the big event. I loved it and was glad to see Smith again and FINALLY Carrie and Big getting together. I always loved BIG. I go to the movies regularly - I suppose I just love to get away from it all.

dee said...

great escapism and NY the way I wish it could be for everyone. Haven't seen it yet but Dani wants to go again-maybe she'll let the old MIL-to be tag along.