Friday, June 27, 2008


I walked down to the train station yesterday to meet up with my old college chum Jayne who was going to spend the day with me. On the way I walked past the farmers market that was located in the Daley Plaza.

I have seen it many times and this market is a very good one but I had to laugh when stepping back and seeing the market imposed in front of a Picasso and such a contemporary building. It almost looks like it's phoney!!!!
This is the new Trump Tower. As you can see it's not completed but it is a beautiful building. It's location is where the old (and ugly) Chicago Sun Times building was, right on the river. After a lovely lunch with Maggie's future mother in law, I visited the new Tower with two of my friends.
This is a view from the restaruant called Sixteen, on, you guessed it, the sixteenth floor. It has a lovely deck and grounds outside as well but because the building is not complete, they can't let patrons outside due to the possibility of falling things.
I am liking the wall of wine. I can see Jaynes reflection at the corner. It would take me at least a month to drink all this wine.
Here we have Jayne, Martha and Moi in the bar on Sixteen. If I didn't know any better, I would say that we planned the color scheme for our garb. As it happens we almost picked up a new friend in the elevator because she happened to have on a black and white ensemble. I had a marvelous day with my friends and finished up the final tasting. It was a lot of wonderful food. Now comes the hard part; which one to chose for the caterer for Maggie's wedding. I will never eat again.

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