Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dunce Cap For Chai?

Tasting number two is now complete. Yum... I wish you could all do this. It is tons of fun and we are all enjoying it. I am off to the big city for the next two days and I am not taking my computer. I have to do some serious shopping; plus I want to enjoy the lakefront. It's been a long time since I traveled up and down the 17 miles of trail. Actually, except for a small walk or two, I haven't 'done' the lakefront since we had a house in the city. We moved out in the fall of 2003. Unfortunately, it is raining right now so that is making me question my clothing, accessories, and plans. I have to think positive; I have to think positive.

When I got home from being gone all day I got this email from my sister. It seems that she decided to leave her baby 'Chai' at doggie daycare once a week to get her aclimated to other dogs and learn a few socialization skills. She is rather timid and clingy to my sister. My sister writes:

I just called to ask how Chai was doing her first day of Doggy Daycare. They said she spent a lot of the day so far being held by the girl at the front desk. While in the play area, she kept getting knocked over by small dogs chasing balls across the room. A couple of times she was found facing the corner trying to hide. They had naptime between 11:00-1:00pm and she slept the entire time. They had to wake her up at 1pm to start playing again. The owner seems to think she is getting less timid as the day goes by and is less like a special needs dog. I wonder what she meant by that. Should I be mad?

Special needs!!! I love it. It sounds that if the dog handler had her way that Chai would be on the Dr. Phil show. This dog is the perfect dog; just not so much a dog as a little girl, wanting her mommy. It's pretty damn cute.

Check out this picture. This is Chai's first professional groom. She looks fluffy like a bichon and her eyes look like a bichon, but check out those teeth!!! She is definitely proud of her pearly whites. That is a shih-tzu (I spell it different every time I put it down on paper!!) trait if I have ever seen one. My sister Mike calls this her shabby chic look. The mix of bichon and shih-tzu is often referred to as the Teddy Bear Dog. I can sure see why.


Anonymous said...

She has got to be the cutest dog. Special needs? Naahh, I think the owner just meant she needs to be on a 'lap'.

Cindra said...

That is so funny. poor baby!

maggie zakka said...

don't let'em get you down mike~ my "grace kelly" is the same way- she just prefers people- adoring gals like us!!! maggie z