Saturday, June 21, 2008

Food For Thought

G and me went to a wedding last night. I think it was my first Friday wedding. Oh, I take it back; we didn't go to the wedding. We were supposed to but Gordon had a committment with his brother that superseded the wedding invite so didn't leave home until about 10 minutes after the wedding started and because it was an hour and a half away that just wasn't gonna happen. Traffic is always crummy at best on any given Friday so we made it to the reception by a nose.
When I got my camera out of my party purse this morning I realized that I didn't take one picture. I was totally off my game. It started when we were at the requisite cocktail hour. Having skipped lunch in favor or breathing in my dress, I was looking around for a tidbit or two while having a libation with college friends. Every now and then I would glimpse someone munching but for an hour, six of us were looking the the passing waiter. Only three were spotted the entire hour and the only one that came close to us was serving raw salmon on a cracker. I took a pass. We got to thinking; what a hoot; make it look like there is food being passed when there really wasn't any. And trust me, we were looking

When we went into dinner there was no bread on the table for us to munch on. Then the bridal party (which was considerable) came in; then speeches; then cutting the cake; then the first dance; then the dance with the parents. All this time, NO FOOD. It got to the point that G went out and hunted down a vending machine and we all got to share two bags of chips. The reception started at seven and it was after nine p.m. when any glimpse of food came our way. It was actually pretty funny because there were so many jokes about it that we were trying to one up each other in witicisms. We were finally fed and all was well.
Our friend sent us this picture that they took of G and me. Behind us in a corner is a photography setup (there was a backdrop and one of those umbrella thingys and some stools) where anyone at the reception could come and a photographer would pose you and take pictures in any combo of people. It was actually a lot of fun. I'll check out the newlyweds website and see what I can see.

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