Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Golfing Garb

Last evening was the kickoff for the famed six hole golf league. It was a perfect day to be outside with friends. We don't take ourselves very seriously; we play best ball a lot, we pick up, we move our balls to a better or flatter lie. We pretty much do whatever we want, especially when you take into consideration that we don't keep score. There is one thing that we don't kid around with and that's our color scheme.
Our colors are black, khaki and white and for me, it goes way past the clothing. I happen to have a matching bag,
and a pair or two of shoes. My shoes tend to be Ecco's because there is an Ecco outlet store not far away. One

of the six holers (and I won't mention names) even has a monogrammed purse in khaki and black. It started out by just being a way that we could recognize if we had six holers in front or behind us while playing because then we needn't worry about speed of play or degree of loudness. It has escalated to much more of a fashion statement and a go to color while shopping. Ya see, you can narrow down your scope of shopping by color if you ever want to; although I can't imagine why you'd want to do that!!


Anonymous said...

Those are some very cute golf shoes! Now what you need to find is an argyle shorts outfit in black and tan to go with them!

Cindra said...

Stretch plays in khaki and white, too. He doesn't, however, carry a purse.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Ecco sells only the oddest and ugliest shoes in the US?

Rian said...

Yer a southpaw!

My golf colors are black and tan also. But my bag is purple. Must change that.