Friday, June 20, 2008

Kitchen Clutter

When we moved into this house the kitchen was trashed so except for the floor I changed it all. I got new cabinet fronts, new appliances, new light fixtures and new sink and counter tops. It suited me fine for awhile. When we settled on a contractor to enlarge the studio and put a bedroom on the top of the enlargement, the kitchen popped into my head. The burners on the stove top were too small for my BIG pots and I was constantly melting the control knobs. The stove top was a downdraft which took up most of the space under the stove top. So, I decided that a larger stove top was in order. You can guess the rest. One thing led to another and there were several changes made. They are FINALLY coming to be after six months.

I did not want to change the basic footprint of the kitchen because of the mess and time involved in doing that so smaller internal changes were made. I decided a center island was in order so we took the existing 'U' of the kitchen which housed the stove top and bumped it out. Where this cabinet unit is now is bumped out completely from where it was before. Where the stool is now is where it was. This unit now has the new cook top and a overhead vent.
In moving it I gained another sheet pan/cutting board cabinet. I almost hated it to come in because the dogs loved to go through this little opening before the cabinet was installed last week.
Because I am a cord nut and feel the need to hide them whenever possible, I had a grommet hole in the counter top to go to an under counter outlet. When the cabinet was moved, all those cords were exposed, giving me a headache.
Here's the view of what I was looking at for three months. The carpenter made me a little door so that the
cords could be accessed but I didn't have to look at them. Carpenters are amazing. Then onto the island. Here it is in all it's glory. As you can see it has power for a mixer or whatever. It also has knives. The idea came from the show 'Good Eats' on the food channel. I am not crazy about the show but I am not much for switching channels so it does air on my tv on occasion. Alton Brown has slits in his counter top on the set of the show and I thought it was a great thing to do.
And, by golly it is. Unfortunately I thought 1/4" slits would do the trick. For large knives I was right but the little ones wobble around. Enter carpenter. We have gone into a huddle and decided to butt another double thickness or corian under the current slits; one 1/16" to house the small knives and one 1/8" to hold the bigger knives. That way both thicknesses will be cared for and the counter top will not have to be scrapped.
This island is to get three mega pull out drawers in it; hopefully today. I am giddy with excitement. And there is more.

And I had to get a new floor which was my reason not to change the kitchen footprint all along. The previous owners didn't leave one piece of tile to replace the ones that were needed for the moving of the cooktop. Ouch!

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Eva Wallace said...

You've got some great little extras in there - how nice to be able to design it yourself!