Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Kind Of Town

By the way, if anyone wants a question answered or a specific recipe or whatever, you need to email me for the request or when you comment and it get's sent to me, do it in your email address so I can answer you or send you whatever. I don't want to clutter up the blog or answer questions in the comments with my comments. I prefer one on one. Thanks.

There is a restaurant on the Oak Street Beach in Chicago that is taken up in the winter and put back in the summer. It is called a Beachtro (bad knockoff of Bistro) and in the past I have jogged or cycled by in the process of assembling the structure. All the parts are marked and fit together like a puzzle. Anyway, Jayne and I were walking the beach

just when the palm trees were being delivered. Another place and this picture wouldn't be funny but in Chicago, on a beach with palm trees, just a couple months from having lots of snow is pretty funny.
This window of an art gallery really caught our eye. It has various political figures with photocopies of their faces on red punching bags. Besides seeing George Bush and McCain here, they also had Hilary, Rice, Osama, and a couple more but no Obama. I am guessing that the artist is voting for Barack?

One day off out of six and I am going back on the train to the big city today. I was going to drive so I could have a bit more freedom but the Taste of Chicago starts and that means traffic. The caterer tastings are all over but there are still things to be done. I found a possible dress for the wedding and want to let the bride have a look see and let me know what she thinks before I lay down the plastic. Also, the venue where we are holding our reception is having a wedding tonight and we are going to look at how the place is glammed up to help give us an idea of what to rent and how much and all that stuff. I have some picture taking to do and some measuring.

We need to huddle and decide the caterer, now that we have eaten enough in four days to feed a small country. It's a much more difficult decision than you would think. Out of the four, there are good and bad things; one doesn't shine completely on their own. Taste is important but so does appearance of the food and how it is presented; the size of the portion and even the personality of the consultant. I am thinking that if only one of us had to decide on who to choose, it would be just as difficult as it is with six opinions. Oh, and did I tell you? I am never eating again.

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