Monday, June 23, 2008


A couple weeks ago new neighbors moved in. I could see them out my kitchen window and was very pleased to see that they were out in the yard, enjoying themselves almost immediately. It seemed so different that I would have done, just moving in. I would have holed up in the house for the season, organizing, planning, unpacking, and the summer would have passed me by. That's a family that knows how to live.

Anyway, last night I had a 'Welcome To The Neighborhood' get together. It started out to be outside but the weather was so erratic that it eventually had to be moved indoors. On to the food. I decided yesterday morning that a little sipping soup would be nice to serve. So I decided what to make and it ended up being Orange Beet Soup. First thing I was to do was make a mixture of plain yogurt and chives and put them into ice cube trays. These were to float on the warm soup and chill it quickly. I was starting to call people to see if anyone had ice cube trays (haven't had them in years!!!) and realized that I would be serving the soup in espresso cups and so a regular cube wouldn't fit. I was ready to scratch the whole thing and G said that I should try the dollar store (5 minutes away) and

sure enough, there were trays; big and small. Who knew? I chose this combo pack for, you guessed it, $1.
I made my mixture and filled up the trays and put them in the freezer.
And you are right, Bella was no help.
the soup was beautiful and a smash hit too. Up next were these little grilled cheese sandwiches that I made
using thin sliced provolone and Swiss with mustard in between pieces of that thin Pepperidge Farm white bread. I grilled them and then waited for them to rest and then cut off the crusts, slice them into fours and then pop them into a warm oven to firm up.

The Chicago Tribune had an magazine article about recipes from places that were certain local chef's liked to go. One of the favorites were dates wrapped in applewood smoked bacon and served with a serious red
pepper sauce. It sounded good so I made them. They were a great balance between sweet and spice.
These little beauties (cheeseburgers) were waiting in my freezer to cook so adding them to the party was easy.
These corn fritters were also made a couple weeks ago when I was on the cooking binge. They were a first time for me but will go on my list of 'go to' apps.

I also made a banana chocolate bars with cream cheese frosting that was in yesterday's paper also and they were very good. The recipe made so many that I sent lots of them home with guests.

The new neighbors are as nice as can be. They will make a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

Today starts a week of nightly 'tastings' to choose the caterer for Maggie's wedding. Bella is going to the dog trainer until Friday and G and I will be hitting the city each day. I have to decide if I want to stay overnight one of these days and start to look for something for me to wear as motb. It's getting closer!!!!


Cindra said...

I bet the realtor that sold the house next door said, "and you will be living next door to Tommy Fitzsimmons, the hostest with mostest!" I bet they got top dollar for that house just because it was next door to you!

Love the way you presented some of those goodies... beans? You are too much!

Any other houses for sale in the neighborhood?

Robinww said...

Any chance you'd share the banana/chocolate bar and cream cheese topping recipe? Everything you served sounds yummy.