Monday, June 09, 2008

Purchasing Power

My basic mantra as far as buying anything old (as in antiquing) is my pat statement; 'the oldest thing I have in my house besides myself is G'. I have never gotten off on old stuff. It smells musty and come on! It's old!!! Give me something from Ikea any ole time. But I digress. Sandy, a neighbor, opened a junk shop called 'The Cluttered Cupboard' after spending half of the last two years getting ready for it's opening, It opened and I went.
The two times I have ever hit junk shops were (was?) when I was on the prowl for old toasters (got over that quickly) and toy sewing machines. I get bored with the hunt very quickly and mostly because of the dust in the places. Sandy's place is clean as a whistle and she even serves coffee and cookies. The cookies are high quality too; those skinny tubular cookies with nutella or something in them that you purchase in a can. I would have gone just for the cookies. I asked Sandy if she had any toy sewing machines and she said no but she had a real one that works that was her grand mother's. I thought the case was so cute that I had to have it. It's now in my storage closet. What is wrong with me? Can a girl have too many purses; what with one being a sewing tin? This is now in my possession. I am nothing if not an impulse buyer. And the pathetic part of it all is that Sandy has a store for the very reason that she suffers from the same problem. Does this mean a storefront is in my future?
I had to have this hand stitched and framed work of art for $10 and it is now proudly hanging in my laundry room (or as I like to fondly call it, Peter's room ,because the last one home gets the air bed and this room to call their own and it's always Peter.)
After schlepping around the junk store we had to go pick up a thing or two for Micky and while there I chose to purchase this adorable cycle bag which is now my summer purse. It doesn't hold much but I look cute carrying it and that's pretty much all that counts, right?
And last but by no means least, is a work of art that I had to have. The name of this gal is Black Pearl but G calls her ET. She is all wood and as big as a human but cheaper to feed.

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