Monday, June 02, 2008

Stuff You Need To Know

Blogger would not let me in this morning. I tried for a couple hours and then decided to do some cardio and try again later. That is what I am doing and it's workin'.

This picture may look a little odd. It's a rock garden waterfall we are having installed in the front garden. If you can make out Chai Ling, you can see that she has decided it's a doggie water park and is inside it. It never occured to Belly to do that.
This picture is of the pajama clad girls who are following through on a tutorial I taught them on how to make the frame that you can stretch a quilt top over. They all made their own frame and did a very fine job, considering it was the first time any of them ever used an electric drill!!!
This is a quilt top that Anne finished. My sister Mike liked it so much she started on a black and white one for herself.

At lunch yesterday Peggy went to the refrigerator door for some ice in her glass. It made a few gutteral sounds and then out popped a mini hamburger roll right into her glass!!!!
After we were all shocked and in wonder, I checked out the ice dispenser drawer and what happened was that a frozen bag of buns fell into the drawer (that was almost completely empty of ice) and the buns were so small that they could fit through the ice slot. More than half of the frozen rolls were demolished by the plastic blades that move the ice. Only at my house can this stuff happen!!!


Anonymous said...

You gotta admit, having a mini burger come out instead of an ice cube is funny :))

dee said...

very very funny!

Cindra said...

LOL! What a hoot! I would have paid good money to see her face!

Diannia said...

Hi, maybe you should have told them you planned it that way...haha. I bet the look on your friend's face was priceless!

Diane said...

Once when we had the Pastor and his family over for dinner,the pastor's wife went to get ice, and out came frozen coke! One of the kids or maybe it was me, left a coke in the freezer and it blew up. This stuff always happens to me.