Wednesday, June 11, 2008


That Gordon; always trying to educate me. He came home yesterday with this clump of leaves and a flower on it and proceeded to inform me that this was the Indiana state flower - the Tulip Tree. Never heard of it until now. I guess I could stand to learn a new thing or two.

I googled Tulip tree and came away with more information that I even wanted. If you have more desire to learn, please feel free by going to this website.

When I hit the beach each day, I always have on something with pockets so that I can add to my stash of Indian beads and

beach glass. Yesterday Jayne and I had a contest (with no prize) on who could collect the most. It was an exact tie. It's always good to bend down every now and then to get the old bones moving. Speaking of getting movin'; somebody should roust Miss Bella out of the batting. Notice that she dragged an inappropriately very Christmas toy up on the hump of batting with her. Do you think she wanted to be color coordinated? She doesn't know it now but she is heading off to doggie day care within the hour to continue the 'play well with others' campaign I am always on.


suzietee said...

I was delighted to see your blog about the tulip tree. I was just at my niece's new house and she showed me this beautiful flowering tree in her yard. We were not sure what the flowers were, but it looked almost like a tulip. I passed the website on to her and she was so excited to finally know the name of her tree. Thanks. said...

Your comment on picking up beach glass reminded of a book by Anita Shreve called 'Sea Glass'. A good, quick read (she wrote the 'Pilot's Wife'). Love Bella on the batting!

Mandy's Mom