Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yesterday was highly successful. We got tons done. Best of all, I found a dress for the wedding. Actually, I found it on Wednesday, when left to myself for a little shopping. It was pretty funny. I couldn't get it over my head and on so the seamstress undid the back seam. Kindly, they never mentioned that my butt was hanging out or that my ass and shoulders were a little bigger than was intended for the dress. I showed it to Maggie and she gave me the thumbs up. Leaving the store I promised to stay out of Ben and Jerry's and to come back at the end of August for a refit. Let's see; that gives me the whole month of July to be bad and to start thinking of slimming down, say, mid August? I might need to give that plan a little more thought.

We visited the reception venue to reacquaint ourselves with it and take a couple measurements and pictures. Over lunch, (after the dress try on, thankfully) we went over the caterer stuff and narrowed the field of four down to two. Linens were discussed and decided on (almost) and deadlines were set. It was a very good day.

The train (electric!) that I take to and from Chicago was so crowded that even with 15 or so cars, by the time five stops were made the train was filled to capacity and even the aisles were filled. It took over two hours each way to get there and back. Normally it takes only an hour and a half. I am gonna rethink taking the train or car for that matter, when the Taste of Chicago is going on. Too many bodies.

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Cindra said...

I wonder if the trains will continue to be full with the price of gas going up? Our buses are always full now and didn't use to be at all.

Can't wait to see your dress!