Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I took the train into Chicago yesterday afternoon to meet up with Maggie, Evan, Evan's mom from Baltimore, Ann, and G. G drove in from work and so he was my ride home. I love the mile or so jostling walk (in sensible shoes) from the train station on Michigan Avenue up to the main area of shopping. The foliage is always spectacular and there are always treats for the eyes and ears. There are musicans and acrobats; you name it, you see it.

This year the garden plots along the main drag have topiaries of birds. They are quite lovely and playful.
Here's a nice closeup of the back and tail. I didn't browse nature too much because I was on a very limited time schedule and I wanted to hit a couple stores to peruse the dress department. I managed to get through two completely and then panicked that I may be late and hopped a cab to the destination of our first tasting for the wedding. As it ended up I was twenty minutes early but I would rather be early than late.

Having already had experience with tastings from last years wedding, it went off as I expected, without a hitch. I neglected to get permission from my DD to show any of the food pictures I took so I will hold off on that. Three more days of this and my stomach will be jumping through hoops. It's a lot to consume and I realized that you don't HAVE to eat all that they put in front of you. I have learned my lesson and will be more earnest in my self control.

Today I think that I will once again take the train, but because G is busy and can't go tonight, I think I will just come home on the train (that is, after I check the schedule). Tomorrow I will go to the city and spend the night, giving my self some serious shopping time. Yeah, that's a plan.

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