Monday, July 14, 2008


While visiting Chicago I happened to find myself in my favorite store, Anthropologie. It's always a pleasing sight. Did you know that Giada deLaurentis' husband Todd is a designer for this store? Also, did you know that my Maggie worked at the Boston Anthropologie while attending BC? Small world, eh?
I pretty much love everything that they do. I think that in my other life I was a window dresser.
This is just braided strips of torn fabric that makes up the roping off for check out. It's a lot cooler than an old red cord.
These 'pods' in the front window look like they are plaster of paris or maybe just decoupaged on a shape and then cut away and the center covered decoupage style with print fabrics while the outside is painted a solid color.
It brings back a memory of that movie 'Cocoon'.
This was my favorite part in the display. It's like there were hatched 'whatever' and the residual shell was discarded in a pile. Very clever.

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Del said...

Years ago we made 'pods' using papier mache over greased balloons. When the papier mache was dry a needle was stuck through into the balloon and then the hole enlarged to remove the balloon. OR we just left the balloon in and decorated the outside of the pod. I think I have that right, but it was a looong time ago.