Monday, July 21, 2008


I didn't realize until a minute ago that I didn't blog Saturday or Sunday. See, playing can be exhausting. Even our little Bella took time from escaping and chasing people on the beach to just chill in the ninety degree heat. We had a lot of rain which steered us to the casino for some black jack. I believe we were all winners (figuratively). All company left yesterday morn and that is how we plan it. We start mid week so we don't run out of time and then have to leave late Sunday, only to get caught in week's end traffic. The date has been set for next year, but we will see them all at Maggie's wedding in September.

I am off to the big city for a complete physical. I haven't had one since 2005 so I figured it was time. I am fasting right now so no coffee. Yuck, I should have picked the first appointment even though it's an hour or two away. Oh, and made sure the doctor was next to a Dunkin Donuts. Priorities, priorities.

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dee said...

Great minds do think alike. My first stop after the yearly is the bakery in town. I tell myself that I have a year to work it off....that's how I got this way...GAD! well,that and the bagel store. I am powerless and spineless in the face of red pepper cream cheese. the bakery is owned by a swedish couple-imagine the whipped cream possibilities.
And now for something completely different-I'm heading to Hershey convention center for a quilt show. They spray the air with chocolate essence you can smell the place a couple of miles away-what are my chances?
Hope all is well with the check-up.