Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crying- I Mean Drying Time

It's gonna be 90° today (remember that to do this° you hold down alt and on your number keyboard you type in 0176) so I gotta get going. We had six hole last night and then PubStumpers and came in second to the last and therefore got no gift. It's better to completely fail that to barely fail. I even tried to bring in a ringer (young guy I picked up at the workout place) but he was a no show so we had no help. With no young blood, we couldn't answer the Nine Inch Nails questions, ya know? We will have to find some fresh meat by next Monday.

I wanna show you this picture of my old floor in the studio and the new addition floor that butts up together.
Can you see the vast difference between the lower (old) yellowed floor and the new? It was pretty significant.

So, I had it scrubbed and then sealed with two coats of industrial sealer. It looks amazing but the only part that really sucks is that now I am hesitant to go into the studio for all the work that this floor has caused me.
Everything that was on the floor is now off it. That means that I have to just about redo the room before I can utilize any part of it. The dry time was rather lengthy or I would have insisted that my worker guy stay and put the room back together. Can I get any more lazy? Oh yeah, so much more.

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