Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cut Up

I have come to a major impass with Picasa. The last two categories I created (2008 August and last weeks 9 hole guest day) do not show up on the listing to put on the blog. I don't know what is wrong. I am going to have to contact Picasa directly I think. Maybe my Picasa file is too large. It is very very large.

Usually I have a spare or two baby quilts just in case, you know? Well, I did have two spares of this frog design but they are now gone. I am also out of scrap quilts. This will not do. I need to get busy. I have spent the last two days when home, on cutting and sewing together strips of binding. Now I will have to iron them

pronto because they are taking up tons of space.

Believe it or not, I drove to Chicago yesterday without my purse. No purse - no money or credit cards. I didn't miss it until I was already there and thinking about where to park. The parking by the hospital is the type that you pay in the lobby by machine before you leave. Luckily, I was early because the traffic was good so I was able to call my offspring and get a credit card; otherwise I couldn't park and so couldn't keep my doctor's appointment. It all ended just fine.

I am scheduled for umbiblical hernia surgery on October 2nd. The timing had to be just so; after the wedding and before I fly to Houston for the International Quilt Festival at the end of October. The doc said the down time (lifting anything heavy, etc) is a month. I am a couple days short of that (unless it was February!!!) but I am a quick mend so it'll be fine.

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Cindra said...

I love the frog quilt!

I think attitude is everything in recovery time. You will be fine.