Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Eve Of The Fourth

I just, not two minutes ago, grabbed the camera and took a picture of Auntie Claudia

in her jammies, reading the paper next to G and Bella. She is the picture of beauty in the morning. Actually, she went with Micky and me to collect for the fireworks (something we do every year) yesterday and served as our bookkeeper. It was on the verge of storming but never did so me collected a ton of money. Everyone was home expecting a storm so it was perfect timing. We will head back out for the 'no one home' houses today and be done with it for another year.

Speaking of Micky, look what she brought me yesterday. Snaps.
And Snaps are back. I am a licorice lover and so is she and she found out that a local Indiana company purchased the American Licorice Company that makes Snaps. I am saving the opening of the box until all the company comes. Bill and Claud are here; sis Mike comes this morning; Maggie and Evan tonight and Maria and Peter will be joining us for the weekend.
While doing my fruit shopping I spied these peaches that were called 'donut peaches'. I got a few of them and had my brother Bill test one out. The inside color is not peach colored but more bland yellow and it isn't nearly as sweet as a regular peach. Not worth the money if ya ask me.

I'm headin' into the kitchen to whip up some Gooey Butter Cookies. Yum.


Cindra said...

I have tried those peaches... you are right. I'm not sure what they are good for..... Have a great 4th!

dee said...

ditto on the peaches but OH MY DO I LOVE SNAPS! I'm thrilled to know they still make them YUM! We're big licorice lovers here.
Happy Fourth to you Tommy

Anonymous said...

Buy some doughnut peaches from a fruitstand where they are grown and you'll change your mind. Well-ripened, fresh doughnuts are the juiciest ever! My own son has a fruitstand and can't keep them in stock...great snacking fruit!