Sunday, July 27, 2008

Food For Thought

When we get together, we have a flexible ritual; we go to Hannah's for lunch on Saturday. We have been straying from that a bit in the last couple years but happily, we are back on track.

Along with going to lunch, we have the habit of having our picture taken at the restaurant, so after posing for several minutes, waiting for a passing waitress, our image was forever captured. Let's talk food for a minute. We split entrees and were starving after consuming our half. Thankfully, Jean Ann got a whole pork loin sandwich and shared her remnants with us. We were calmly listening to a very interesting story that Jean Ann was sharing, while all the time thinking about the remaining half of a sandwich, just sitting on her plate. When her story was done she said she was taking the half home and we all had a fit saying that we wanted it split into four sections. It disappeared in no time. The moral of the story? Don't split; especially an appetizer. You will be sorry. We headed over to the blueberry farm after lunch. It was a beautiful day and perfect for blueberry pickin'. It sounds like we actually picked our five pounds each, doesn't it? Well, someone did. Time is of the essence so we
chose to buy ours pre picked. Lickety Split.

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