Sunday, July 13, 2008

Krasl Art Fair

Yesterday threatened rain and although Chicago got a lot of it, we were definitely spared. A light rain in the morning didn't stop anyone from doing anything.
That remained the case when G returned home from golf and we took a road trip to St. Joe, Michigan to the Krasl Art Fair On The Bluff. We parked some ways away and frankly, that may have hindered me from making more than the purchase I made; the prospect of lugging some rock formation a half a mile, you know wasn't appealing. Who am I kidding? Like I would be lugging it? I think not. G comes in handy for certain things and rarely complains.
These four pieces are 12" x 24" and they are paper glued onto wood and then covered with some form of lacquer. The artist is Candra Boggs, from Ohio and she does mixed medium and with the help of her school
teacher husband, manage to get to several art fairs a summer. I thought these would be well suited for over the beds in the new bedroom. With rain threatening we finished up the fair and headed to our car, only to get another hit of sunshine and perfect weather so wewent into a couple local shops.
Two purchases were made by me. First up are these two place mats made out of rocks. I have seen them before; in fact, I have blogged them before but I believe that it was the rock rug that I blogged. I bought these because I thought they could be cut apart (the rocks are glued onto a fine mesh) and used as a base for appetizers. I could use them somewhat in the same manner that I use dried beans for presentation and also so some apps don't slide around. It also is helpful in separating an app from any residual grease on the plate.
The next purchase is actually to replace something I already have. These spice tins (or you can use them for whatever) are clever if ineffectual. I have them both here and in Florida and believe me, they are a waste of money in Florida. They are rusty and can no longer open, trapping my nutmeg or whatever, inside.
You see, the lid just sort of slides off and because the metal is on the thin side, if it is pinched in any manner, the lid no longer works efficiently. So, in perusing a store I noticed this stand alone jar contraption.
The stand itself is worthless to me. It is glass with magnets glued on so these little tins can stick. Oh, all the tins, both old and new, have magnets at their base. This stand had a stainless foot to hold it up but I suspect that you would be cleaning the glass and base a lot more than messing with the spice tins. So instead, I dumped the stand and

use my refrigerator door as my tin holder. Check out these. They are much better quality that the previous ones and the lids snap open, leaving one part of the lid attached. This is highly superior to the others. That may have been a little too much information for a Sunday morning regarding little vessels. oh.

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Anonymous said...

Uhhmm, a refrigerator door! But then you won't be able to put anything of 'weight' in them.