Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lu eu eu zers

Last night, after 6 hole golf, we met up and after a libation or two and something to eat we picked teams and played a trivia game called PubStumpers. The teams were far from even. At one time one of the fourtop tables had grown to seven participants while another dropped down to three. Believe me, the more warm bodies to take a wild guess, the better. The questions were split up into general, where you just guessed the answer; musical, where music was played and you could guess both the song title and the artist (but you never heard a voice, just the music) and multiple choice (easiest). Unfortunately, our team

came in last. The good news was that we got a prize anyway; Andy Gibb, Bread, Olivia Newton John and Toto LP's. One small glitch tho' ; none of us have a stereo. Bum mer.
I saw this picture when I was downloading the LOSER pic and had forgotten that I took it the night before. I think this looks like a professional took it. Notice the lonely little boat off to the side. Very spacial. What you don't see in this picture is the reason I was out on the deck to begin with. I was trying to see who in the hell was still shotting off fireworks, three days after the 4th!!!!! Actually G called the city and asked the rules on fireworks and I guess the new law gives the culprits until July 9th to blast away. Thankfully, Bella is not overly bothered by the noise. Some of my friend's dogs are wild with the fireworks.
Speaking of dogs, check out little visiting Chai, who, in looking everywhere for my sister (her mom) she trapped herself in a corner window behind the blind and couldn't get out. Welcome, Chai; another rocket scientist has joined the family, just when we thought we couldn't take another!!!

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Mechelle said...

hahaha!! Poor Chai - good thing she is such a cutie!