Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mary Frances and Her House

Last night was a house warming for my dear friend and local fifth grade teacher, Mary Frances. It was almost one year to the day that we were at a garden party at Nora's and the call came in that MF's bid was accepted and she was soon to be the proud owner of a tiny little, adorable, and in much need of work and love, house.

Three of her friends threw her a housewarming and inviting it was. Here is Mary Frances with her mom at the party. I made myself the photographer for the event and so, with little ado, I will take you into the house and party.
This back room was where the gifts were stored. Let me tell you, this girl had a plan. This pic was taken before half the guests arrived. It's like a friggin' wedding!!!
Look at this precious living room. See those two windows on either side of the fireplace? They came out of my kitchen renovation. There you have my gift to her (along with myself, of course). It was tough to stuff the windows into a bag from the dollar store tho'.
Is this not a Martha Stewart bedroom? I wanted to crawl into bed for a little shut eye.
Mary Frances renovated each room almost completely by herself and her dad.
This part of the kitchen (with Micky's nose and hand holding food) is completely new but she did save some of the original kitchen cabinets because
it was too adorable to get rid of. A coat or two of paint made them like new and charming in another part of the kitchen.
This back room looks like it was decorated with retro orange; maybe from a diner? Nah, it's in way too good of condition. I neglected to ask her where she got this stuff.
Here is just a glimpse of some of the gals that were in attendance. The house was completely filled to capacity too; possibly due to the mega amounts of mosquito's that were in attendance also.
Sara, shown here with MF, brought a cake. What in the world is a head popping out of it? Sara's husband wanted to come to the party and MF told him that it was a girls only get together and the only way he could come is if he jumped out of a cake!!!! Cute, eh?
This gift really caught my eye. It is a garden hose with a plant, gloves and garden tools poking out of the center. Adorable. You need to do this.
A bit odd, but the frog cakes were worth a photo op. I am diggin' the tongues.
Always a gal of fashion, Mary Frances went from the black dress to this delightful caftan (her choice of description) for the 'after dark' part of the party. Look at how cute Micky is on the left. Her dress needs to be in my new bedroom. It matches perfectly!!!

I have tons of pictures of food (big surprise there) but the cream of the crop are these little sandwiches. It appears as tho' they are small thin pieces of toast cut in three pieces, coated with apple butter, then topped with a thin slice of granny smith apple. On top of that is a piece of cheddar and the whole thing is then wrapped with a piece of prosciutto, with a tiny dollop of pickled onion on top. Ya gotta make these this weekend. I ate six of them. They are dynomite!!!


Cindra said...

I am in love with that little house! So sweet and liveable. You all have the best parties ever!

Anonymous said...

Tommy, thanks for the write up. And the windows! Mary Frances

susie yemc said...

Tommy - thanks for taking picutes. It was a great night thanks to all the fun guests!!