Friday, July 18, 2008

Olympiad I

Thanks for all the help on the recipe. If you check out Anon, I may have a lead right from the source. I will keep you posted. Unfortunately, I came across Nanaimo Bars many times on the internet and I know for a fact that the recipe doesn't involve graham crackers or coconut (which I added onto the end of the blog entry after receiving several recipes containing them). There are two recipes that I am going to try that I have received so far and one is from Kay and the other is from Sherall. When the company leaves and I have a bit more time, I will press on with my experimenting.

And now, the first leg of our Olympics is completed.

The medals are in order and awaiting their winners. We will need to keep up our strength during the play so
a Texas Cake is being forked to death and a rather blingy bottle of Absolut
is on hand for when we feel parched. Those of you who know me know that I am a wino and will not touch the bling.
The first game was hula hoop endurance and I came out of it with the gold and Debbie in the tourquoise got the silver, followed way behind with the bronze that Renee won.
Second up was the ladders game and I once again took home the gold and the girlpower remained firm as we chicks beat out the guys.
Renee placed in all the first three games but the new made up game was no match for these fellows, Sil and Bob.
The game started out with lawn bowling but my lawn is so bumpy that they wouldn't stand up. Plus, who wants to set up this formation every time someone takes a try at it?
Gordon thought up a new variation of the game which was named tuba-pina (italian for tube and pin)
You throw the pins in the center of the tube without them bouncing out. Can you see the pin that I caught in motion right under the tourquoise flag? I stunk at it.


Cindra said...

Yes, but you are a great photographer so who cares! Make sure everyone has enough blingy absolut and you might win the gold!

dee said...

I am volunteering to taste test the "bars" for you. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. That cake looks very, very good!
I'm also a wino but the other day I had a whiskey sour-all frothy and freezing on the rocks. It's been years since I had one and it tasted REALLY good. Too many calories for regular consumption but the occasional treat-yum!