Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ooey Baby

Upon arriving to Casa Fitzsimmons, my guests usually spend the first twenty minutes or so unloading the car. Depending on how far they have traveled to get here, the foodstuffs vary in amount. Bill and Claudia come from St. Louis and therefore have a phethora of snacks to keep up their strength on the voyage. One such item that was deposited on the kitchen counter was from their local food store, Dierbergs, and it caught my interest.

Gooey Butter Cookie. Hummm. I saw a partial cookie remaining with a couple untouched ones and decided to taste it. It was very very good.
This is what the cookie looks like as a whole. I was very impressed because normally I wouldn't even take a bite, let alone keep going back until the cookie was completely eaten. Having piqued my curiosity, I went on line and googled Gooey Butter Cookie and found a couple recipes on that I decided to experiment with. I was rather surprised not to find what I was looking for immediately on both Epicurious and Food Network.

Back to the task at hand. I made two cookies; one in bar form and one that needed refrigeration to form into cookies with minimal amount of mess. All my guests did the taste test and unequivocally, the bar form of

Gooey was chosen as best all around; even overshadowing the bakery original. Another wild beast tamed.

Along the same food lines, I also saw two St. Louis bagels lingering on from the weekend and looking at them made me think of the CBA (Chicago Bagel Authority) that was a couple blocks from my house in Chicago, way back when. I would always dream of the steamed bagel sandwich (Matilda) that I ordered there. One thing lead to another and I got out ingredients to make my own Matilda. I didn't have anymore cucumbers left from the weekend and because that is an necessary part of the sandwich, I deconstructed the cucumber out of leftover potato salad in the refrig and proceeded to make the turkey, smoked cheddar, swiss, cucumber, tomato and mayo bagel.
Don't get me wrong, it was very good but I didn't get the steamed part down. I did some silly things like wrap it in parchment and put it on a steam tray in a saucepan with a little water and the lid on and plopped it in a 350° oven, but it wasn't the same ooey concoction that I get from CBA (on Armitage in Lincoln Park if you get the chance). I gave myself a B- for creativity tho'.
Then it was back to work, but I ran into a little snaffoo. What's with this dog and sewing? Can she possibly want to learn how to use the machine? Can she get any closer? I think not.


dee said...

Thanks for the sandwich idea and hooray! I actually have everything for once. How can that be?

Boy-talk about the center of attention. I can't imagine that it's all that confortable which means she's willing to suffer to be noticed. Oh! the drama.

Beth in TN said...

There's gonna be dog parts sewn into something if she keeps that up!

Patty said...

Cookies? Did someone say gooey butter cookies? Your talking my language - I love butter cookies. Would you be willing to share the receipe?