Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Picture This

This has been happening lately. Lots and lots of birds decide to take a res pit outside our bedroom. We have looked high and low for a nest, thinking that these are
visiting relatives that have come to check out the nursery but can't find any. We did find one earlier in the season and it is safely in my hutch, making a fine addition to my nest collection. Ya say scram and they all leave so I don't get it.
Check out baby Chai. She is stressing while my sister Mike is getting something out of her car. Earlier in the day, when Mike was unloading the car, Chai tried to follow her to the extent that she got her head and torso through the gate but her big butt (family trait) couldn't fit through the slats. We were actually trying to reenact that moment but Chai wasn't going there so we figured she must have gotten hurt the first time, or else was smart enough to not do something that was futile yet again.
Here is a closer view of the shoe planter Peter made me. It has holes for the lace and the lace is actually real. The little heart that is tied on said 'to Mom from Pete' before but the sun has long since drained it of it's color. Just off to the side of the shoe was this cute little hooped cross stitch that Peter did for me when he was in grade school.
These two pieces of art are the culmination of his try at the craft side of art. He has chosen the more hands on type by being an actor. Check out the spelling of my name. When I was in seventh grade, Nicky Wheeler sat next to me and talked me into changing Tommy into Tommi because she was going from Nicky to Nicki and she didn't want to do it alone. Wanting to please her, I changed the spelling. It remained on everything from my driver's license to my marriage license. The new spelling lasted into my 40th year and then I decided that it was silly and went back to the spelling on my birth certificate. I don't know why I did it but I did and that's that. I like the 'y' so much better.

I am going back into the city today to have a consult with a surgeon. I have had a hernia on my navel since I was born I think. I can't remember not ever having it. It's pain in the ass factor comes and goes and actually right now it's high and because it's been twenty or more years since I inquired about fixing it, I thought maybe it could now be fixed relatively easily. It was a big deal to fix in the past so I just kinda dropped the ball. So I am gonna have this surgeon guy have a look see and give me the skinny. If it's no big deal, I am gonna have it fixed or removed or whatever. When I went for my physical last week the internist said that when the hernia always pops out and I have to manually push it back, that it could be strangling intestines that are in the vacinity. That's creepy.


dee said...

good luck with the Dr. visit. There's been entirely too much medical crap in my life lately-hope the crap factor is minimal for you. I'll be thinking about you!
Roger has his nuclear stress test tomorrow at St. Frances, a major heart hospital here. At least we'll be right where the best cardiac care unit around is.
Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

My husband had that hernia operation last year. He had it since childhood and he is going to be 56 this year. Last year while doing yard work(lifting heavy equipment), he ripped some stomach muscles and caused another hernia....down there...
The doctor who examined him told him she'd fix the navel as well. All done without cutting him open, using micro instruments inserted through small incisions made on the stomach. He must have had 3 or 4 little cuts. Spent 4days in the hospital, got out and drove 600kms home, then 2weeks on the couch!LOL....he chose a hospital near his place of work...hence the long drive home.
Good luck with yours, it really shouldn't be a big deal.