Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Queen Of The BB

I have to get out of the house early this morning. The mercury is supposedly to tip the 90°'s and I don't like to be out in the hot (unless I am basking in the sun which no longer happens). I was ready to get up and out at 5 a.m. but questioned my sanity on that and waited til G rousted at 6:15 to arise. Now I am waiting for the sunscreen to kick in and I am out of here.

Did I tell you that my sister Mike is something like the Queen of Bankers Boxes? No? That never came up? Well, I am here to tell you that it is true. I was gifted some designer Bankers Boxes and I was shocked yesterday when I went to assemble them. It's pretty much, no assembly required.

The box itself comes flat. You set it on it's side and
separate the two sides. No muss; no fuss. It's all connected and effortless. It opens up and the only thing you
have to do is drop the bottom piece in.
Voila!! It is as simple as that. The lids take about 30 seconds of work, which I just so happened to have to spare before heading out.
So, pretty much three minutes from start to finish I have a splendid array of designer Bankers Boxes. My fave is the green.

See that little converse tennis shoe thing with the pencils and scissors in it in the picture? (I actually cropped these pictures so you wouldn't see my messy room but I didn't go back and make the crops permanent so they didn't show up in these photos. ) Anyway, that is a ceramic planter that my son Peter made me when we had a Mother/Son thing at his high school. It had a plant in it way back when (1994). Everytime I see it, I think of him. I think that when I get back home today I will take a close up of the shoe and share with you.

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