Sunday, July 27, 2008


Before the girls left for home yesterday, I insisted on snapping a few pictures of what they had been working on while visiting me.
JeanAnn completed piecing this raindrop design while my sister Mike tackled her very first quilt. She came
with it cut out but that was it; before she left here it was completely pieced and quilted (machine) and ready for binding. It's quite a ambitious first quilt, wouldn't you say? We are all vey proud of her.
Anne made this tote, using a pack of charm squares, from start to finish. All it needs is a button on the pocket flap and it's completed.
Peggy's scrap quilt was finished up, just in time to box it up for a wedding in August. She and I both utilize our scraps in the same manner and can make these scrap quilts with our eyes closed. Anne almost completed the
binding on this beauty that she said she was keeping for herself. Yeah, right. We'll see about that.
Peggy started this little foundation log cabin that will end up being a cute little Christmas wreath. It measures 15" when complete. Peggy didn't bring a sewing machine this trip. She did all hand work. That definitely freed up some table space, but getting her off the couch was another thing all together. Just kiddin' P.
Although these are not colors JeanAnn would normally not pick, she surprised us all when she brought out this fabric to piece. It reminds me of autumn leaves falling onto the ground.
Check out these little jingle bell ants that Peggy brought me. They come from Coldwater Creek and they literally
are made out of jingle bells and some wire. You can bend then any way you want and they should feel right at home here with all the other ants that seem to be crawling around. I have nestled the three of them in my beach glass/indian bead/weird rock collection that graces my screened in porch table. A perfect addition.


Cindra said...

Sister Mike! On point no less! Impressive.
Love me some polka dots... great purse.
There isn't anything I don't love... even the ants.

SandyQuilts said...

WOW and triple WOW. I wanna come next time. Love everything even the ants.

Could you tell me where to find patterns for quilt 4 and 5? I love both. Of course, I have tons of scraps.

Congrats everyone.

rianammerman said...

Waytago Mike (I have a sister named Mike too!)

Love those polkadots!