Friday, July 11, 2008


I survived nine holes of golf. It was okay. I played with three good friends and everyone was upbeat and weren't kicking themselves for bad play. I find that I could tolerate the game much more if people didn't complain so. It's a bummer to hear someone constantly bitch about this or that. I take it for what it is; a silly game of chasing a little ball around a massive back yard.
I found myself home last night and decided to indulge and start to watch the boxed set of the HBO mini series, John Adams. Gordon was gifted the set but as yet hadn't broken the plastic open. We both read the book and I am curious as to how the book was followed. I watched the first and second part and can't wait to get back into it. As in the book, Benjamin Franklin really surprised me - that is, the idea of him prior to the book and how different he was portrayed than I had always been taught. Oh, and sometimes I look at Paul Giamatti and see Homer Simpson. Check it out, it's true.

I won't be getting back to it today anyway. I will be heading out to catch the train to Chicago. I thought about driving but on a Friday in the summer? Nah.. I have to catch up with Maggie and look at some more wedding stuff. This trip should be one of the last; finishing up the details. All of a sudden, the wedding is only a little over two months away!


Cindra said...

You are right... Homer he is... and now, always will be.

suzietee said...

I loved the John Adams series. After watching it though I find I don't really like John Adams. He doesn't seem to be a likeable man like Thomas Jefferson or George Washington were portrayed. It was wonderful acting though and I learned some things I didn't know.